Teaching Practice


The clinical staff are involved in the teaching of other staff, including medical students.  You will be advised on arrival at the surgery if a student is present.  You can refuse to have the student in the consulting room, please tell the receptionist.  Sometimes the clinical staff will be videoing consultations. This is for training purposes only.  You can ask for the video to be switched off during your consultation.


As we are a training practice, in addition to our regular staff you may also see the following:

Medical StudentsThese are people who are training to be doctors.  They might see you to take a history or carry out a brief examination.  They will not diagnose or prescribe and you will always see a GP during the appointment.
FY StudentsThese are qualified doctors who are gaining some experience of general practice.
ST/GP RegistrarsThese are qualified doctors who are doing further training to become a GP.  They will see you for an appointment and will consult with other clinical staff if required.  They will diagnose and prescribe as appropriate.