National Data Opt-Out

National Data Opt-Out | Limefield Surgery

The new GP Data for Planning and Research Programme (GDPR) is due to go live on 1st July, 2021. This will replace the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES), which has operated for over 10 years.

NHS Digital, as the national custodian for health and care data, has a responsibility for standardising, collecting, analysing, publishing, and sharing data and information from across the health and social care system, including general practice.

This link from NHS Digital explains why data is shared, it contains their transparency & privacy notices for doing so:

Can Patients opt-out?

If you wish to register a Type 1 Opt-out with your GP practice before data sharing starts with NHS Digital, this should be done by returning this form to your GP practice by 23 June 2021 to allow time for processing it. If you have previously registered a Type 1 Opt-out and you would like to withdraw this, you can also use the form to do this.

It is important to note that the Type 1 opt-out won’t apply where there is a legal requirement for GP practices to share data with NHS Digital.

Our Privacy Notice is currently being updated to reflect the forthcoming changes.